Final Hack Proposal

Title: Paint Partners

Description: A collaborative drawing tool made in python using pygame as the GUI, and using homemade networking code mostly borrowed from the second hack. In theory, the program could be made into a teaching tool by limiting who can modify the drawing board (for example, a teacher could be the one modifying the board while the connected students see the board).

Libraries Needed: pygame

Upstream Repository:

Hardware Needed: Raspberry Pi, mouse, keyboard, internet connection

Team Members: mtubinis, Pharas

Upstream Mentors: N/A

Project Milestones:

  • Week 1: Develop non-server side code to modify an image, load configuration data, and prepare program text fields.
  • Week 2: Develop server side and networking code to send and process: pixel data, client chat messages, client mouse cursor positions,clients connecting and disconnecting from the server, and server admin issuing server commands using their terminal.
  • Weeks 3 – 5: Finish any remaining development tasks, build documentation, test, record bugs, and distribute the finished program over to PyPi.

Anticipated License: GNU GPL 2.0


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