Tic-Tac-Pi: Ending is in Sight

As I write this post, Tic-Tac-Pi has officially been finished development wise. The program can run on both Windows and Linux based systems and perform the tasks it was originally programmed to do. Of course, some minor bugs still exist but those will be documented on the GitHub Issue tracker, and eventually (hopefully) be taken care of.

Now all that is needed is to finalize the packaging of the game over to PyPi and to include any last minute documentation.

What was unique about this hack was the extensive networking code. I have previously had zero networking experience. From this 5 week development cycle I have successfully been able to send data to a server that indexes its clients by username (mostly blocking correctly…), process that data, and control how the processed data is sent back to other clients.

With the knowledge gained from this hack, I believe it will be possible to take this networking code and use it for a more advanced hack, say, maybe create a collaborative drawing tool? 😉


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